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NorCal Pachinko Repair

Welcome to Mopar's Pachinko Repair. Pachinko is the heart of what i do.

I have owned and repaired pachinko machines for 25 years. My passion started long before that when my Dad had 2 machines we played as young kids. As time when on my older step brother used the balls for his sling shot, then later in life I found a pair of machines. I fixed one and played it for years then years later my own kids wanted to play more so i dug the other one out and repaired it so they could both have one to play. Ever since then I have done repair work for others.

I'm not the guy that strips a machine to its parts and makes it better then before. Most machines are in fine shape, they've just been been misused and abused and no longer work. This is where i come in. I painstakingly clean and repair the machine as it was originally intended to be, making it look its best but keeping its original character. A machine is only original once. Most people have great attachment to the machine as it is. It may have been their grandfathers machine, or their Dad or Moms. To take a machine and redo or over restore it takes that sentiment away.

If your looking to have a machine repaired, please send me a few good straight on pictures of your machine, front and back. The better quality of the pictures, the better i can give you an accurate quote. Machines can take 30 to 40 or more hours of work to clean repair and test before there ready to be returned, so please allow some time for this.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and schedule a time for your repair.

Please also take a minute to view a few of the before and after pictures of actual machines repaired.